The Virtuous Circle of Connectivity

The ACI EUROPE Customised Connectivity Analysis service offers your airport a detailed, tailor-made report of its connectivity performance, with the following FEATURES:

  1. An overview of all the route connectivity offered by your airport
  2. Comparison with 5 peer airports
  3. Main trends over the last 10 years
  4. Connectivity by world region, route group, country, airport-pairs
  5. Microsoft Excel file format with connectivity matrix provided, in addition to the report

Measuring Direct & Indirect Connectivity

The airport connectivity analysis not only gives insight into direct connectivity performance, but also provides a complete picture of the indirect connectivity via other hub airports – it shows the number of hub connections that are possible through the airport. The connectivity measurement takes full account of the differences in the quality of indirect connections, in terms of circuit time, transfer time and frequency levels.

The ACI EUROPE Customised Connectivity Analysis service allows your airport to:

  1. Benchmark against the 5 key competitors of YOUR choosing
  2. Identify new route development opportunities & weak spots in the network
  3. Track connectivity changes
  4. Provide independent assessment of your airport’s connectivity to key stakeholders

The connectivity product is based on the Netscan connectivity model, developed by SEO Aviation Economics.